Our goal with all little ones is for them to have fun at our office! Children who have no fear of the dentist grow into adults who have no fear of the dentist. We offer the full range of pediatric dental services, and love our littlest patients!

     We provide and strongly recommend the placement of dental sealants on all 6 and 12-year molars that have deep pits and/or fissures, to prevent the formation of tooth decay. Dr. Reichlein, her dental assistants, and her hygienists all spend time doing dental sealants. They are quick, easy, painless, and worth their weight in gold!

     Our bone and gums are the foundation for our teeth. Oral health begins here. We work with our patients as a team to achieve and maintain optimal periodontal health. Our hygienists provide routine polishes, as well as deep scaling and root planing services. Anesthetic is available for these services if desired, as well as a neat system to provide topical anesthetic just under the gums, for those who don’t want to be numb for very long.

     Fillings are placed when a tooth has dental decay. Depending on your preferences, for teeth that have minimal decay, we offer traditional silver (alloy) fillings, as well as tooth-colored (composite) fillings. Dr. Reichlein is also happy to replace your alloy fillings with composite, if desired, for better aesthetics.

     A root canal is a treatment for teeth that have been infected or badly injured. The nerves are removed from inside the roots of the tooth, and the resulting space is sealed with plastic material to prevent further infection. The top of the tooth is then protected with a crown. This is a way to preserve the tooth in your mouth, instead of having it removed. Root canals are one of the services that Dr. Reichlein enjoys doing the most!

     A crown is needed when a tooth has had a root canal, or when the tooth is badly decayed or fractured. The outer portion of the tooth is removed, and a ‘cap’ made of gold, ceramic/porcelain, or a combination of the two and cemented on permanently. If properly cared for, crowns can last many years. Dr. Reichlein primarily uses porcelain fused to high-noble, full cast gold, or all ceramic crowns such as E-Max. Our lab technician is excellent, and comes to our practice often to help with custom shades for front teeth!

     When it just isn’t possible to save a tooth any longer, we must remove it. Dr. Reichlein performs both simple and surgical extractions with minimal bone and tissue removal, and because of her many years of experience, extractions are usually very quick, uneventful appointments. Our staff takes lots of time to go over how to care for your mouth during healing, and we even know a couple of tricks to help control bleeding afterward!

     A bridge is a way to replace a missing tooth. The replacement tooth or teeth and the neighboring crowns are all cemented in permanently in one piece. Other than the dental implant, the bridge is the permanent (non-removable) option for tooth replacement.

     For the most lifelike, longest-lasting tooth replacement, the dental implant has no equal. An implant is actually the ‘root’ portion of a missing tooth. The Oral Surgeon places the implant, and after a period of healing, the implant is actually integrated with the jawbone. The implant is then restored with a ‘body’ and crown or denture in our office. Implants can also support bridges and dentures for outstanding strength and stability. During the healing process, a temporary crown or denture is made, so you are never without your tooth. We work closely with our Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons for a very streamlined experience. Implant dentures in-a-day and emergency implant placement are also an option with our team. Because implant restorations look so beautiful, it’s a real pleasure for Dr. Reichlein and all of her team to provide them. Dr. Reichlein has spent several years in an in-depth study course focusing exclusively on dental implant restoration, and will continue to do so indefinitely. Dr. Reichlein is an Associate Fellow of the American Society of Implant & Reconstructive Dentistry. (ASIRD) 

     There are so many ways to improve your smile! Just having regular cleanings can remove surface stains and whiten teeth. Dr. Reichlein and her team also provide take-home bleach systems, and ZOOM! Power whitening, to brighten your smile. Small chips and uneven teeth can be smoothed or recontoured, which can make a huge difference in your appearance in a very painless way. Tooth-colored restorations and crowns can remodel a person’s smile dramatically. Here at Dr. Reichlein’s office, we all love to see our patients happier with their smiles, so we do a lot of these types of services!

     Whether it is for a sporting event, or because you grind your teeth at night, Dr. Reichlein can make you the perfect occlusal guard to meet your needs. We offer soft (sports) guards, and hard acrylic guards. Protect those teeth!

     In addition to the above, Dr. Reichlein also uses ‘The Wand’, which is a device designed to make injections much, much more comfortable, and we can also provide light oral sedation for anxious patients. Dr. Reichlein is a preferred provider for over 20 insurance plans, and accepts several dental discount plans. Drop in today or call us for an appointment!